Aetna Breast Pumps - Everything you Need to KnowAetna moms are in for some good news now that they can receive an Ameda Purely Yours Ultra, one of the best breast pumps on the market, with no out-of-pocket expense. Aetna and Ameda Direct are working together to ensure that all new moms have access to quality breastfeeding supplies. If you are covered under an Aetna national plan, request a pump, and Ameda Direct will deliver a breast pump to your home.

Here are some tips to help you get your breast pump quickly:

  • You can request your breast pump at any time during your pregnancy, but we must wait until you are within 30 days of your due date before we can ship.
  • A prescription is required although we can contact your doctor on your behalf to get one. Read our post on Breast Pump Prescription Tips.
  • Aetna moms can choose from two Ameda breast pumps, including the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra.
  • You are eligible for a new pump every three years.
  • All Aetna plans offer replacement parts as a benefit. If you lose a part or simply need one replaced, you are covered.

Aetna plans cover up to six visits with a lactation consultant to help out with your breastfeeding questions. We encourage all moms to call their providers and use this service as it will help to teach you tips on successful breastfeeding.

You can also give us a call toll-free at 877-791-0064 or request a pump directly through our website. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and help you get your free breast pump through insurance. Give us a call today— we look forward to hearing from you!