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When Can I Expect My Pump?

If you have already had your baby, and have submitted your prescription, you can expect your pump to ship as soon as we have verified your prescription and insurance information. This can take up to a week.

If you are a month or more away from your due date, we will first verify your prescription and insurance information, then ship your breast pump once we are within the allowed shipping time as mandated by your insurance plan.


What Happens Next

Now that we have your information, we will be working hard to establish your eligibility, collect and/or verify your prescription, and then ship your breast pump as soon as we are within the time frame allotted by your insurance plan.

You can speed the process along by sending your prescription to or by faxing it to 618-241-9501 and referencing your first and last name.


Need to Make Corrections?

Please e-mail to update your order information or call customer service at 877-791-0064 M-F 7AM-10PM CST.

Please note, a breast pump is a class II medical device, and due to its personal nature, we cannot accept returns forany reason.

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