Man giving holiday gift to pregnant woman.

If you are looking for a gift for a new or expecting mom, it’s a good idea to look beyond the baby aisle. While everyone adores little baby clothes, shoes and toys, those gifts are technically for the new little one and not the new mom. It’s nice to help out with the baby’s needs, but it’s important to make mom feel pampered, too. Check out this list for some gift ideas of how to make the new mom in your life feel special and loved. Trust us, she’s earned it.

1. Bump Box Subscription

Staying healthy while pregnant is important – and it seems there are so many things coming out for moms-to-be every day. Wouldn’t it be great if you received a monthly box full of products tailored not only for pregnant women, but also for the exact trimester that are in? That’s where Bump Box comes in – they deliver monthly boxes just for pregnant moms that are tailored for their specific due date. Not only are the products geared toward pampering the mom-to-be but they also have items specifically designed to keep her healthy.

2. Food Delivery

Many people want to bring dishes to a new mom because they know it can be hard to meal prep and cook with a new baby. However, many new moms are often not up for visitors – it can be hard to time out when baby needs to breastfeed and having to carve out time can cause additional stress. Instead, offer to send over a meal using a food delivery service like Uber Eats, Waitr, or GrubHub.

3. Netflix Subscription

Is your Facebook filled with new moms looking for new shows to binge watch? Ours sure is! New moms spend a lot of time feeding and snuggling their little one. Have access to shows that they can stream on demand can help mama unwind and relax.

4. Lactation Cookies

Many people give homebaked goods as Christmas gifts – if you fit in that category and have a new mom in your life then make something with a purpose! Lactation cookies are not only a yummy treat for mom but they also aid her in milk production which can wane during the holidays due to stress.

5. Robotic Vacuum

It can be difficult to keep a house in order when you have a little one who demands your attention 24/7. A robotic vacuum can run on a schedule or whenever is needed to clean up dust, pet hair or any debris. Cleaning the floors manually can be a tasking endeavor and the robotic vacuum can help the mom relax and not wear herself out physically.

6. A Better Baby Book

We hear it all the time – new moms are dedicated to their baby books, capturing milestones, with their first child. But the second and beyond? Those usually remain unfinished because mom’s time is suddenly divided between multiple kids. The Q&A Journal for new moms is an easier way for mom to track their child’s first few years. In a few minutes each day, she can jot a quick note to capture the memories of her little one.

7. Fleece jacket for baby-wearers

If you know a new mama who loves to wear her baby in a sling or wrap, this fleece is perfect for her. It helps keep both mom and baby snug and warm.  It even has two hoodies – one for mom and one for baby.

8. Amazon Gift Cards

The baby shower is done and you think you have everything you need – but then the little one arrives and you realize he or she doesn’t like the bouncer you got or you forgot to get something. That’s where an Amazon gift card comes in.  It’s perfect for those last minute things or even a monthly diaper subscription!

9. Reusable Gel Packs

This is one of those things that a new mom may not have even realized that she need -but they have SO many uses. These gel packs can be used hot or cold – whether she needs relief from cracked nipples (cool) or something to help a clogged duct (warm), these gel packs are a must have for any new mom.

10. Large Tote

Mom may have her diaper bag all ready to go – but when you are traveling with a baby, suddenly you have a lot more things that you need to carry along and you realize that your diaper bag? It’s pretty much for diapers and a few things you need when running about town. What about extra bottles, clothes, burp cloths toys, medicine, blankets, etc for when you leave on a longer trip? Enter the large tote! It can handle almost anything and can be monogrammed or personalized for that extra added touch.

Whether it’s for the holidays or “just because,” it’s important to make new and/or expecting moms feel loved. Giving her a thoughtful, meaningful gift that she can use by herself or with her little one will make her feel valued and important as a person and will be greatly appreciated.