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From scheduling your newborn’s mealtime to tracking what milestones he or she should hit by nine months, there’s a lot to manage when it comes to parenting. Though there isn’t an instruction manual for your new little one, there are plenty of apps to help you navigate caring for him or her. Whether you are still expecting or are in the middle of diapers galore, try these apps to help you stay on top of your baby’s growth and health.


1. Baby Connect

Your little one needs to do tummy time every day, should have four to six soaking wet diapers, needs to nurse every few hours and should pass stool regularly. It can be tough to keep track of all of your baby’s needs. Fortunately, the Baby Connect app can help. This app stores feeding times, vaccinations, upcoming well checks, diapers and how often your little one eats, so that you can always stay one step ahead of a very busy schedule.


2. Peanut

Despite all the joys that parenting brings, having a newborn can easily make you feel sheltered from the outside world. A lack of sleep and a lack of showers means that going out regularly isn’t typically an option. Peanut is an app that connects you with other moms to help form meaningful connections with the online parenting world. Set your goal (asking questions, meeting new people or getting advice) and the app connects you with others that best fit your interests.


3. Baby Tracker

Breastfeeding experts recommend starting each feeding on the opposite breast as the last and to pump or nurse every three to four hours. The Baby Tracker app tracks both how often you pumped or nursed and on what side the last feeding was, so you have one less thing to track.


4. Cloud Sleep Monitor

If you don’t have a video baby monitor or forgot it at home while going out of town, the Cloud Sleep Monitor app will save the day. This app lets you keep an eye on your sleeping baby via live-streaming from one smart device to another, so you can quickly check-in on your newborn from any distance. Heads up though, you’ll need two devices for this app to work (fortunately it’s both Android and iOS compatible). 


5. Baby Pics Photo Editor

Newsflash: babies are cute (especially yours). With the Baby Pics Photo Editor app, you can easily collect and share the hundreds of baby pictures you are likely taking. This app offers many robust, and fun, editing features like adding text, making collages and more!


6. Baby Night Light

If your baby or toddler is not a fan of the dark, the Baby Night Light app can help reduce anxiety and soothe them to sleep. The app has a comforting, soft light and plays a quiet white noise that can help your baby sleep peacefully on their own. The app lets you set a timer so that your screen will turn off after a certain period of time, but don’t worry about your little one waking up; if he or she cries, the Baby Night Light app automatically turns back on!


7. Tiny Beans

If you want to share pictures of your baby with family and friends but don’t want to post them on social media, try Tiny Beans. This app lets you share pictures of your little one to people of your choice via a link to your account. Best of all, friends and family don’t have to have the app to view the photos – as long as you have their email address, you can share all the pictures you want.


8. Sitter City

Every mom needs a night out to herself or with her partner at some point. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a babysitter that you can trust to take appropriate care of your newborn. If you don’t live near family and aren’t sure of what sitters are available near you, try Sitter City. This app lists babysitters near you who have all had background screenings and highly-rated references. Scan through the sitters’ profiles to learn more about their personality to help find the best match for your family.


9. Growth

Growth helps you keep track of your baby’s height and weight as he or she grows. The Growth app lets you store information from birth to 20 years of age and compares them to averages (and provides facts and guidance!). With this app, you can accurately track your baby’s growth to help cue you into if your child is growing at an appropriate rate.


10. Milk Maid

Breast pumps make it possible for you to build up your milk supply and store milk for when you go back to work (or need a night out). Milk Maid keeps track of how much milk you have pumped, how much your little one is eating and how much you have stored. You can set up several different places for storage (home, daycare or grandma’s house), so you know when to replenish the supply.


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