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 What Happens Next?

Now that you have submitted your information, we will contact your insurance provider and doctor to complete the necessary paperwork. Once the paperwork is complete, we’ll ship your Ameda breast pump directly to your door!

 When Will I Get My Pump?

Before we can ship your Ameda pump, we need a prescription from your doctor.
Once your prescription has been received and processed, your pump will be shipped directly to you. Prescriptions are usually verified within 2-3 days of being received.
If you didn’t submit your prescription or don’t have one yet, we’ll request one for you.

 Breastfeeding Success

To ensure continued success throughout your breastfeeding journey, Ameda Direct, powered by Medline, welcomes you into our Continuum of Care. Through our Continuum of Care program, you will receive:

  • Valuable tips and information for successful breastfeeding and pumping
  • Access to our Parent Care team for product related support and assistance 
  • Access to easily order accessories and spare parts
  • Full 1-year replacement warranty 

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 Your family keeps growing …

As you prepare to welcome your new addition, we’d like to welcome you to our family as well! We’re excited to share your breastfeeding journey and look forward to assisting you every step of the way. Visit our website for more information about our Continuum of Care program and rest assured that you are not alone!

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