breast pump prescription

Most insurance companies will pay for breast pumps and lactation support. There are requirements, however, that must be met in order for your insurance company to cover your breast pump. One of those requirements is a breast pump prescription.

Navigating the baby-related medical paperwork after childbirth can be a daunting task, but Ameda has you covered. Here are some tips for having a valid breast pump prescription and using it to order your free pump.

What if I don’t have a breast pump prescription?

If you don’t have a prescription yet, it’s not a problem! You can still order your breast pump through Ameda Direct today. Have your doctor’s full name and contact information ready to provide over the phone to an Ameda Direct representative.  We will reach out to your OB on your behalf to make ordering your Ameda breast pump easier than ever.

What if I’m going to the doctor soon?

If you have an upcoming appointment scheduled, ask for a breast pump prescription! Keep in mind that a valid breast pump prescription can only be provided through an OB/GYN, registered nurse or midwife. Prescriptions for breast pumps can be issued up to one year after having your baby. Some offices ask for a form to be filled out prior to issuing a prescription, so if you plan on requesting your script, ask your doctor if you need a form to start the process.

What if I already have my prescription?

If you already have a breast pump prescription from your physician or midwife, you’re ready to receive your Ameda breast pump! Before you give Ameda a call, it’s worthwhile to make sure your script is valid to avoid delays in processing your order.

In order to be valid, your breast pump prescription must include:

  1. Your physician’s name. We check to ensure your prescription has your OB/GYN, registered nurse, or midwife’s name.
  2. Your name. In order for your script to be valid, your name must be on it!
  3. Date. We check for the date on every prescription to ensure it is valid.
  4. Request for a breast pump. Your script must specifically have a request for a breast pump on it. Acceptable phrases are simply “breast pump,” “double-electric breast pump,” or “bilateral breast pump.” “Hospital-grade” is not an accepted term.
  5. Diagnosis code. A diagnosis code is a necessity for your script to be valid. Your physician can use any code which is applicable to your pregnancy, but it may differ based on their knowledge of your pregnancy and lactation needs. Commonly used codes are Z39.10, Z34.80 and Z34.00.
  6. An original signature. Your prescription must be signed by your doctor – it can’t be a stamp!

With these tips, you’ll soon be ready to receive your free breast pump provided by insurance. Helping mothers meet their breastfeeding goals is our passion, and educating mothers on topics that impact their breastfeeding journey is important to us! Give us a call at 1-877-791-0064 to learn more breast pump prescriptions and receiving your free pump through Ameda Direct.