How to Get a Free Breast Pump

The newest federal government legislation, coupled with government funded programs, will now allow you to get a free breast pump that is covered by your insurance.

Listed under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, virtually all of your breastfeeding supplies, and the related services, have been covered since August of 2012.

Ameda features a full line of breast pumps including single use and multi-use styles, and our easy to access and use insurance covered breast pump interface will allow you to fill out the needed information on the Ameda site, and get you the breast pump you need at no cost to you.

The Ameda Breast Pump Advantage

  • Airlock Protection — The airlock keeps the milk from getting into the tubing, keeping it clean and dry so there is never a need to clean it.
  • Comfortable — Comfort like no others. The rhythmic waveform of an Ameda pump is always gentle so that you can relax and make more milk for your baby.
  • Customize — You can customize the exact pumping rhythm to mimic the way your baby feeds. This will allow the optimum levels of milk flow for overall comfort when pumping.
  • Ameda Quality — A free breast pump from Ameda gives you the same type of quality that you would find in any retail store unit.

How To Get A Free Breast Pump

Ameda has made it very easy for anyone in need to get  the breast pump they want. The simple process requires only 2 questions to be answered before you are directed to your insurance provider participants where your breast pump is waiting. Here are the steps necessary to obtain a free breast pump from Ameda.

  • Visit the Ameda website and follow the easy steps they’ve provided.
  • Complete the online form.
  • Ameda will handle all of the paperwork with your doctor and insurance company.
  • Your new breast pump will be sent directly to your door!

At Ameda, we make it easy to get a breast pump that will suit both you and your baby’s needs.